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"Jill and I would like to thank you for your counsel and professionalism by selling our condo in the midst of an horrific real estate market. We did as you asked initially, and you truly delivered for us, Emily."

Richard and Jill, Lincoln Park

"You are the best and I’ve told everyone who will listen that you are the only person to go to when buying or selling a house/condo. You are so smart and I can’t thank you enough for everything. Thank you, Emily! One of your biggest fans."

Laura, Lincoln Park

"There was one house in the city that we wanted and it wasn’t even on the market. Emily not only convinced the seller to sell but got it for us at a great price as well. It’s hard to imagine having had a better buying experience than with Emily."

Myles and Amy

"We have worked with Emily on both the buyer and seller side with amazing — and quick — success. We have also referred her to several friends, neighbors, and colleagues and all share the same feedback: thank you for putting us in touch with Emily. There’s a reason she’s the number 1 broker in Chicago."

William, Lincoln Park

"Real simple, Emily is a doer. She gets things done, but even more remarkable is how she does it. She is not pushy, aggressive, or over the top. Instead, she is thoughtful, quiet, studious, pleasant and steady. And she also simply works hard. One example, after our neighbors were unable to sell their home for 6 months, we suggested they hire Emily. The did so on a Sunday at 2pm. At 4pm that same Sunday, Emily returned for two showings. One week later the house was under contract and closed shortly thereafter."


"Two years ago, my wife and I were tossing around the idea of selling our condo and buying a single-family home on the North Side. We already had a realtor lined up to sell our condo (we thought), but we wanted to learn more about the SFH inventory before we made a decision to sell. When attending an open house in Lincoln Park, we met Emily Sachs Wong who was the listing agent for this particular home. We spent a good 20 minutes just chatting with Emily about the neighborhood and the SFH market. Her extensive knowledge of the market and her general “warm” demeanor really had an immediate impact on us, in a positive way. Even though we thought we already had a realtor, we decided to get back in touch with Emily to talk to her about her interest in helping us sell our condo. Honestly we were afraid that our condo was a little below Emily’s target market (2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom in Wrigleyville), but after speaking with Emily she assured us that “this is what I do” and that she welcomed the challenge of selling our condo. After a year of “hemming and hawing” on our part (during which time Emily continuously stayed in touch with us), we finally contracted with Emily in March 2010 to list our condo. From day one, it was clear that we were dealing with a professional team rather than just one agent. I work in a very high-level, professional sales environment, and I can honestly say that I have never seen a team as cohesive as Emily’s. They are all, constantly, on the same page. Details don’t get lost, and problems are barely created before they are solved. This is not to say that our sale was “easy”—it was a lousy condo market and thus we had only mediocre interest at first. But Emily stuck with it, told us when we needed to adjust our strategy (instead of “sugar coating” which benefits no one except the realtor), and ultimately we got an offer (and accepted it) while the rest of the market sat dormant. Emily’s team shepherded us through the whole process, and every time we had a question, there was Emily immediately with an answer. We closed on our sale within 4 months of the initial listing date, at a 20% profit to the 2003 purchase price, which was no small feat in the overcrowded Wrigleyville condo market. Fact: There is NO WAY that this sale would have gone as well with any other realtor. As soon as we had signed a contract to sell our condo, it was time to find a SFH. We had an idea as to what we were looking for, but every place we went to see on our own (through open houses mainly) had “something wrong” with either the house or the neighborhood. With six weeks to go before our condo sale closing, Emily finally came to us and said “ok, let’s get going”. She took us around to see several homes, and actually two of them stood out as distinct possibilities for us. Emily had come to know Alison and I fairly well during the whole process, and she knew in her heart that we were going to be happier in Lincoln Park than in the other neighborhoods where we were looking. Understanding our budgetary constraints, Emily coached us through the process of making an offer on a Lincoln Park SFH that would fall within our price range—a feat that we felt was impossible just weeks earlier. Emily then almost literally held our hands through the next 3 weeks as we negotiated back and forth with the sellers to find a fair price for both parties. When the deal seemed to be over with, Emily pulled an act of near-magic by working with the sellers’ agent to bring a “dead deal” back to life. Emily was able to do this because of her great relationship with the sellers’ agent (from a different agency), something that comes only from experience. Our sale did close, and my wife and I did realize our dream of owning a single family-home in the heart of Lincoln Park. Again through the purchase process, Emily’s team was awesome. They kept us updated, worked diligently for us, and got the job done. We are undyingly loyal to Emily Sachs Wong as a result of her efforts and would recommend Emily in a heartbeat. Emily is amazing—she just never stops working for her clients, and she’s so incredibly focused and dedicated to helping others. As long as Emily is in business, we’ll never use another realtor. I find it hard to believe that anyone in Chicago is better at this than Emily and her team. She is an absolute delight and we are fortunate to have benefitted from her work."

Laura, Lincoln Park

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